We have a youth group that we do monthly activities with. Our main focus is with learning more about Gods word. We start each activity with a short devotion in order to give God his proper place. All activities are adult supervised in order to ensure a safe environment.

Latest Event

January Bowling Bash!
Saturday January 13th 2018

Once again, the alleys were lit up with
the Good News Youth Professional Bowling League (just kidding) but they do bowl pretty good. They had a blast!

October 28th-Fall Festival

August 19th – Saturday
Youth Outing to the Bowling Alley

And well, they certainly had a “ball”!
And the soreness the next
day, was a sentiment to the
fun memories that were made.
Thanks to Steve and Michelle for
planning and coordinating a great time!

Vacation Bible School
July10th-14th 2017

There has been so much good feedback from the children who attended V.B.S this year here at Good News!
This week was all about an opportunity to share the gospel while providing fun, lasting memories and oh! what a week!
I’ll quote one child who said, “It’s just so great, Mom!”

Preaching every night

Thanks Sis.Alyssa and Bro.Sam for all the planning, time and work that you put into this.

And another thank you to all the willing volunteers, preachers and snack providers who helped in making this week awesome for some very happy campers!

Graduation Ceremony
June 25th 2017

We are very excited for these 3 graduates, Alexus, Jamie and Autumn, as they turn the page and begin the next chapter of their life. We pray that they fulfill their potential for God.

Pastor, honoring our Seniors with a very nice Study Bible.

Youth Softball Game
June 16 2017

Nothing soft about it!
These teams meant business.
Broke up into two teams, played 3 hours, stopped to eat somewhere in the middle and jumped right back in the game, ended up with both teams, tied 12 to 12. It was actually a bit of a nail-biter toward the end for those watching!

Fun fact:it was supposed to rain most of our time there but God literally held that rain off until right at the very end for us. At times, dark clouds gathered around us but we did not have one drop until we started packing up to go home. Thankful to God for doing that for us.


Kings Dominion Amusement Park

19 May 2017

It was a blast! Children of all ages, surrounded by godly influences, enjoyed the thrill of hanging in the air, upside down or down-side up while their hearts pounded in their chest and made lasting memories!

( pictured here on the log ride is our youth leader and his sweet wife)


Pie Sunday 19 August 2012

A challenge to the Youth was issued. The two children that brought the most visitors would get to put a pie into the face of both Youth Leaders. We had loads of fun on that Sunday and both of the Youth Leaders thought they were going get away without a pie in their face. However come Sunday night a couple of the children had different plans and brought some visitors. So yes both Youth Leaders got pies in their Face!